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Joe LoVasco

The work in this collection is from Joe LoVasco's exhibition Until it feels right at HallSpace.  In Until it feels right LoVasco experiments with geometric shapes. Drawn and painted shapes lead to abstract wood sculptures. LoVasco's curiousity is seen in his exploration of the relationship between the flat painted surface, and how that can be interpreted into cut and carved forms.

Joe LoVasco writes, "The gestural shape is the main focus in my new body of work. Reoccurring gestures and shapes are explored in sketches ... The drawings and sculptures were created as an evolution in process; not one responding to the other so much as each time the process repeats I discover something new."

Joe LoVasco received his BFA in 2007 from Montserrat College of Art, and works as a designer, art director of Steez Magazine, and currently web developer at the Boston Globe. LoVasco has had recent exhibitions at the Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery, and Mingo in Beverly, MA.